TpLearn is a free, open and quality digital education platform solving the problem of illiteracy

Who is it for?
  • Pre-primary, Primary, and Secondary school students and teachers
  • Uneducated adults
  • Anyone who wants to become literate
What problem does it solve?
  • Illiteracy
  • Lack of trained and qualified teachers at primary and secondary levels of the education system 
  • Lack of adequate classrooms to accommodate all those who want to attend school 
  • Insufficient time to prepare for national exams
  • Lack of understanding of the curriculum to be covered for national exams
Use of Technology
What is the BIG IDEA?

Use technology to create and publish quality educational materials in video, audio and ebook formats and distribute the materials in rural and urban communities with or without electricity and internet connection using networked solutions that does not require the final consumer to have an active high speed internet connection

Imagine it's 2030 in Sierra Leone, West Africa

  • All of its citizens aged 3 years and above 
  • Have the basic literacy skills needed for everyday life
  • Have 1% or less unemployment rate
  • No child is born at risk of ending up on the street
  • Have opportunities for quality jobs in the service economy women have the same access to education as men
  • Citizens are equipped with the knowledge and understanding of how to contain and prevent diseases.
  • More than 40% of its citizens never enrolled to attend a formal/traditional school.  

Citizens received free and quality education from the comfort of their homes or in community centres or in school via TpLearn Mobile App without an active internet connection. They choose their learning paths, track their progress, practice what has been studied, and receive a certificate of completion.

TpLearn solves the problems of Illiteracy, lack of trained and qualified teachers at pre-primary, primary and secondary levels, lack of adequate classrooms, and insufficient time to prepare for national exams 

A digital learning platform consisting of a mobile app, and smart content delivery hubs connected to centralized learning management platform that turns any Wi-Fi enabled computing device into an "individualized education classroom" with content created by trained and qualified teachers based on national primary and secondary level curriculum. 



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